Club Synopsis

A Club Synopsis brings the club's existing data to life. It allows club's to position the club as a valuable community for a business. Importantly, it also removes the need for volunteers to guess or assume who they are representing. It allows for relationships to be built from a trustworthy position.

What: The Club Synopsis is used to bring context to who the club is, allowing businesses to self-identify common target audiences.

When: The Club Synopsis is used during all initial approaches to businesses. Additionally, it is used with existing sponsors who believe that they are not receiving a ROI/ROO.

Where: The document is predominately used as a PDF attachment or link in emails. The document can be hosted on the club's website. If located in a highly visible location, it allows all volunteers to be active participants in sourcing new sponsor opportunities. 

Why: Maximise your sponsorship revenue by providing businesses with the best opportunity to generate and maximise their ROI/ROO. Ultimately the Club Synopsis provides the foundations for the business to self-identify how they can generate a ROI/ROO and how they can communicate with the current or prospective customers.

Additionally, as volunteers we do not want to be responsible for business outcomes, this approach empowers sponsors to retain ownership of their business outcomes thus reducing expectations and workload on volunteers.

How it works?

TCACC will create the Club Synopsis on behalf of the club that can then be included in all sponsor renewals and prospecting. Ultimately volunteers will always have a data-driven document to utilise as a conversation ice-breaker.