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Data Driven Insight: Top 10 Industries & Brands that Sponsor Community Sport

Interactive insights can be found on our Data page

What We Believe...

2. Businesses will invest in sponsorship if they can make money:

3. Providing members with a great or memorable experience is central to having a sustainable relationship

How We Do It

1. Sponsorship Database

Aggregated community sport sponsorship industry information

2. Uncover Who You're Representing

Sport organisations are composed of a diverse member and supporter base

3. Align Target Audiences

Explore how businesses can generate a return on investment from the club's audience

4. Set Appointments

Set appointments for sport organisations to meet with prospective sponsors based on an aligned target audience

What We Do

Community Sport Sponsorship Industry

TCACC is the only organisation that is continuously researching the community sport sport sponsorship industry. We work methodically through sports and states twice a year to update records.

Sponsorship Data Analysis 

A Sponsorship Benchmark Report is generated for organisations to assess and analyse their current sponsorship performance.

The report analyses organisational performance against:

The report guarantees to identify a minimum 10 industries that are known and proven to sponsor your sport, or in your region that are not currently aligned to your organisation.

Club Synopsis

Common challenges:

The club synopsis provides sport organisations with the transaparency and clarity to represent their organisation based on the target audience that a business values.

Appointment Setting

TCACC is at the coal face of the community sport sponsorship industry. Each day we are actively working to secure appointments for sport organisations with businesses who are open to becoming a sponsor.

Our approach is underpinned by data. We utilise data to determine:

TCACC works with non-professional sporting clubs