Club Volunteers

Explore how data can grow your sponsorship revenue and reduce volunteers workload

Insight #1

Challenges that face volunteers are very similar regardless of sport or location

Peak Sport Organisations rarely invest in training or supporting revenue generating volunteers for (perceived) fear of increasing volunteers workload


Insight #2

Explore the industries that are sponsoring your region and your sport

If an industry is sponsoring your sport in another state, why wouldn't they sponsor your club?

Could you benefit from having a network of 5,000+ sponsorship volunteers?

Insight #3

Would a database of businesses that are proven to sponsor community sport help you to generate new leads?

Examples of how TCACC helps volunteer led sport organisations

Sponsor Benchmark Report

Uncover how your current sponsorship efforts stack up against the industry

The report will identify the industries who are sponsoring 2 or more clubs within your local region.

Get a free sponsor benchmark report

Club Synopsis

Dig deep into exploring who you are representing when asking for sponsorship

Businesses love to invest money when they can make money. Their target audience is the valuable audience.

Consider if a business will pay a premium to access your audience or if they are effectively giving the club a donation.

The club synopsis is a great ice breaker for businesses who have no previous experience with your club

Get a free club synopsis.

Member Survey

Business owners or managers love to spend money where they can make money.

A member survey is a forward-looking activity to ascertain where your members expect to spend money in the next 12-18 months.

A template is available that can be tailored to your circumstances and existing sponsors

Calculating Return on Investment

Financially viable and sustainable sponsorship requires the ability to verify the tangible benefits for a sponsor

TCACC has a partnership with an organisation who specialise in tracking and recording members engagements with sponsors at community sport organisations

Many businesses are purely seeking a sales objective. TCACC has a unique 30-day challenge that maximises member experience and drives an immediate ROI for the sponsor

TCACC has a sponsorship valuation calculator is used to justify a sponsorship fee at the commencement of a relationship or to verify what has been delivered during the agreement.

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